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Corey Warren

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Over the course of five years, I co-managed a small team in the conception, construction, and growth of INNATE– a lifestyle-oriented design + retail shop in Bellingham, WA. With the support of thousands of local patrons and my alma mater, INNATE successfully drove trends and creativity in a young, artistic college community. We saw results in the form of dozens of successful public events and art shows– and financially, we supported a full-time staff of three people. We became our community’s premier screen printing and graphics solution, and won patronage from a majority of Bellingham's downtown business community– nearly doubling our earnings for three years, consecutively.

My role at INNATE reinforced my work ethic and cultivated a more technical understanding of business operations. I served as operating manager from 2008-2013, and additionally served as creative director, production manager, and events coordinator. These experiences demanded the application of strategy, determination, and confident, personal passion.

(thanks to Garrett Grove, Joe Briggs, Yale Wolf, the Bellingham Herald, and INNATE for the photos)